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Introducing the app that gives you peace of mind 24/7. It’s safe, smart and secure.

Safie first!

Safie believes that everyone should be able to live in, and enjoy a safe environment.

Safie has been developed to give users the additional peace of mind knowing your emergency contact/s are a push of the button away.

Read on to learn how Safie is helping protect our community.


Travelling and want to let family or friends know when you've made it to your destination? Or maybe you're a parent and wondering if the kids have made it to school? The "arrived safe" function allows users to send a message (and location if selected) to let their chosen Safie contacts know they've "arrived safe".


Whether you’re home alone or out and about, Safie can help alert your friends or family should you feel threatened or witness an incident. Safie’s panic button takes continuous pictures, records audio and activates a GPS locator. In seconds an alert is sent to your chosen Safie emergency contact/s.

For when
not ok.

Sometimes it's difficult to reach out to our friends even though we need the help. Safie's "I'm not ok" function allows us to set up a message and select the contacts we may want to send it to for those times. Set it up when you're in a good frame of mind and it's there to help when you're not. Simply hit the "not ok" button on your Safie app and your message will be sent to your selected contacts. There's also a direct link through to the lifeline support program.

For work.

Do you have employees working alone or meeting clients either in their homes or alone on site? Provide your staff with the additional security and peace of mind with a Safie premium account. Contact us today to register your interest and learn more.

For sticky situations.

Whether you’re in a sticky social situation or find yourself in an uncomfortable conversation, Safie’s ‘awkward’ button sends a text to alert a preselected contact to call you.

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Enjoy the added peace of mind knowing your emergency contacts are only a push of the button away.


Staff working remotely or alone on site? Set up a Safie premium account to help protect your staff when working alone.


Partner with Safie to promote your council or electorate as a safe community.


Contact us to learn more about investing in Safie.

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